In this report, the White Alice Communications System (WACS) is discussed In terms of its historic significance. Its origin, function, and demise are described. The first part of the report discusses the history of communications in Alaska and the militaryís fundamental role in Its development. The historic context of World War II, the Cold War, and the United Statesí need for over-the-pole defense are noted along with the technological developments that made White Alice possible. The various phases of construction of the system are described and typical station descriptions are presented. Brief individual descriptions, representative as-built drawings and photographs are included, as well as a map of the system. A glossary and bibliography are also included.

This report basically summarizes the findings of a Section 106 review investigation concerning the eligibility of the White Alice System to the National Register of Historic Places, as per the National Historic Preservation Act of 1966, as amended. Section 106 was activated by the Alaskan Air Commandís need to demolish their White Alice stations while taking into account their historic value. Thus, this report fulfills a compliance function as well as an informational one. Any omissions or errors are the responsibility of the author.

The cover consists of two logos. On the left is the emblem of the 1931st
Communications Wing as it looked in the 1950ís. On the right is the
emblem that the Western Electric Company used during its involvement with
White Alice. The emblems were provided by Sgt. Dennis Bonewitz,
Historian, 1931st Communications Wing.

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